Informational Tours (1 hour) Free

Tour the Educare Central Maine facility and see how indoor and outdoor classrooms and common spaces are designed to best serve children and families.

An informational session with Educare Central Maine staff on a specific topic may be added onto your tour for a fee.  Topics could include incorporating nature-based education, curriculum implementation, Conscious Discipline, etc.

Study Tours

The Study Tour program provides an opportunity for educators to visit Educare Central Maine while the school is in session and to see the classrooms in action. Visitors are able to study the unique learning process within the Educare Central Maine community and create a forum for reflection with faculty.  A consult with a tour coordinator prior to your visit helps create a customized itinerary based on participants’ professional and personal goals and experience.

For more information on tours, contact Erica Palmer at (207) 680-7215 or

What a Study Tour day looks like

Arrive at Educare Central Maine, review the information in your folder and formulate questions for the tour.

Tour Educare Central Maine with your program coordinator. Visit classrooms and  community spaces, while your coordinator shares information about our school’s history, philosophy, and classroom investigations.

Observe in classrooms and other areas of the school that are of interest to you.

Have lunch with Educare Central Maine staff.

View presentations and engage in discussions with Educare Central Maine staff.  Staff will share their work, including struggles, evolution and understandings. The content of the afternoon sessions is based on your questions, as well as your personal and professional goals.

Reflect on the day, and discuss short and long term goals.

If you are visiting for more than one day, the entire morning is spent observing. Each afternoon, a different topic is discussed with Educare Central Maine staff members.