Learning Hub

The demand for high-quality early childhood education programs is growing as a result of increasing awareness of its long-term benefits, which include: increased school readiness, reduced chances of at-risk behaviors, the creation of a more stable and educated workforce, and transformed communities.

The Educare Central Maine Learning Hub will offer a mix of online learning opportunities and live in-person classes and events which include coaching, observations, consulting, tours, study tours and trainings.

Who Should Participate
• Aspiring and Current Early Education Professionals
• Administrators
• Parents/Families
• Advocates/Supporters

Current Offerings

Coaching is a key strategy in effective professional development. It is a learning process based on a collaborative partnership intentionally designed to promote growth in the essential attitudes, skills, and knowledge to effectively apply best practices for the development of young children and their families. Coaching and training activities tailored to the participant include classroom management tips and techniques, curriculum guidance and support, strategies to support teaching and administrative practices, and ideas to strengthen family engagement.

Consultations are provided to strengthen processes, knowledge application, or implementation of early childhood services. Individualized tools, training, and other supports are developed based on a collaborative process between Educare Central Maine and the participant.

Onsite Observations
Observations include indoor and outdoor learning environments that are intentionally and thoughtfully established based on the interests of children and adults who occupy them.  Guided conversations support key learning objectives.

Professional Development Trainings
Trainings and professional development opportunities offered through Educare’s Lab School & Learning Hub provide the resources, tools, and support that today’s educators and caregivers need to feel confident and competent in their work.  Participating in these trainings help educators to deepen knowledge, expand understanding and acquire necessary skills to offer high quality early care and education which ultimately leads to stronger outcomes for staff, children and families.

Informational Tours
One-hour informational tours allow participants to see the spaces within the Educare Central Maine building and how each space contributes to children’s learning and development.

Study Tours
An opportunity for educators to visit Educare Central Maine while classrooms are in session.  Participants work with staff to identify focus areas based on individual/group learning goals.  Participants are able to study the researched-based, quality learning process within the school and participate in a forum for reflection.