Lab School

The Educare Central Maine Lab School provides learning opportunities for developing early childhood professionals through field placement, research and training, and observation and reflection. Aspiring Associate, Bachelor, and Master’s degree students enrolled in Maine’s higher education partnership institutions complete practicum placements at ECM, giving them access to research-based teaching methods, highly trained mentors, and early childhood classroom experience.

Partnerships with higher education institutions reinforce early childhood principles and immerse students in ECM’s high quality learning environment, connecting theory to practice and readying future educators to positively impact children, families, and early childhood professionals. 


  • Educare Central Maine staff are adjunct instructors in higher education institutions
  • Onsite credit-bearing coursework
  • Onsite observation booths
  • Individual course assignments
  • Badging equivalency
  • Research platform

Primary Partners:

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Educare Central Maine additionally serves as an exemplar demonstration site for Colby College, University of Maine, and Career & Technical Centers.