Maine State Parent Ambassadors

The Parent Ambassador program is a year-long leadership and advocacy program for parents with children eight and under living in Maine. The goal is to develop parent leaders and empower parents to advocate for themselves and their children.  Each year parents are selected to join the program using a competitive process.

What you’ll learn as a Parent Ambassador:

  • How to effectively advocate and influence lawmakers and agency leaders.
  • Skills to educate, train, and mobilize parents in your local communities and beyond.
  • The legislative process, how to contact your lawmakers, how to give effective testimony, knowing your audience, and ways to develop grassroots mobilization.
  • Conflict resolution, negotiation skills, team building, and presentation skills.
  • The skills and confidence to advocate for what you believe in.

As a Parent Ambassador you will have:

  • A voice at key policy making tables.
  • Access to guest speakers including school board members, lawmakers, campaign consultants, leadership coaches, lobbyists, and more.
  • The ability to educate and influence other Parent Ambassadors, testify on legislation, and take part in coalition meetings.
  • The opportunity to contribute to the development of Maine’s Policy Agenda.
  • The potential to present at local, state, and national conferences and trainings.
  • Membership in UPLAN (United Parent Leaders Action Network), a national group of parents from across the country who inform policies and programs that matter to families and children.

Other benefits:

  • Attend Parent Ambassador face to face training/meetings throughout the program year.
  • State and federal training and conferences may be possibilities.
  • Assist in planning and participating in Maine Children’s Convention.
  • May be featured in the media and appear on TV and radio.
  • May have the opportunity to sit on advisory groups
  • Gain new confidence in your abilities and skills.
  • Remain active in your child’s life and in advocating for your family.