Full Day Care

Educare Central Maine offers full day care and education for children 6 weeks to age 5. Slots are available with a subsidized rate to children from working families with limited incomes.  There are a limited number of slots for families who are not eligible for state or federally subsidized programs.

Infant/Toddler classrooms (6 weeks to age 3) incorporate Early Head Start philosophies which promote the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of infants and toddlers through safe and developmentally enriching caregiving. This prepares these children for continued growth and development, and eventual success in school and life.

For children age 3 to 5, readiness for school and beyond is fostered through individualized learning experiences. Through relationships with adults, play, and planned and spontaneous instruction, children grow in many aspects of development. Children progress in social skills and emotional well-being, along with language and literacy learning, and concept development

All classrooms have highly qualified teachers who provide a safe and supportive learning environment which promotes knowledge, interaction, and creativity through individual instruction.

Teachers and Family Service Coordinators also work collaboratively with parents/guardians, supporting them in their roles as primary caregivers, to ensure the best possible outcomes for the whole family.

We are open from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm year round.  Meals include breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. Menus follow federal and state guidelines and are prepared by our in-house professional chef and staff.

Support and Skills for New Parents

We recognize that parents are their child’s first and forever teacher. Our programs facilitate positive relationships between parent and child by providing high quality early childhood educational activities, parenting education, health, mental wellness, nutrition and family support services.

Parents who have participated in Educare programs express they now feel less isolated and more empowered to advocate for themselves and their children.