Lab School & Learning Hub

Educare Central Maine’s Lab School and Learning Hub were created to help solve a problem and fill a need.  Maine, like the rest of the country, is currently facing a shortage of early childhood professionals.  Trained childhood professionals offering quality early care and education provide support to:

Children: High quality learning environments in domains of children’s learning, health and development
Families: Positive parenting skills, goal-setting, family services, and employment supports
Communities: Current (staff and parents) and future (children) workforce stability
Early Educators: Skilled teachers and providers across multiple educational settings

Both the Lab School and the Learning Hub will influence early care and education and help to create a stronger workforce to support Maine’s children.

Lab School

Through higher education institution partnerships, the Educare Central Maine Lab School is a model demonstration and field placement site that provides experiential learning – bridging theory to practice – to positively impact the number of qualified early childhood professionals in the workforce. Offerings include:

  • On-site adjunct faculty
  • On-site credit-bearing coursework
  • Individual course assignments

Our Primary Partners include Kennebec Valley Community College and Thomas College.

Learning Hub

The Educare Central Maine Learning Hub is a model demonstration site providing increased access to high-quality, research-based professional development to build professional capacity for the early childhood workforce.  Offerings include:

  • Coaching
  • Consultations
  • Observations
  • Informational and Study Tours
  • Professional Development Trainings
  • Badging Certificate Programs