Lab School & Learning Hub

Educare Central Maine’s Lab School and Learning Hub were created to help solve a problem and fill a need.  Maine, like the rest of the country, is currently facing a shortage of early childhood professionals.  Trained childhood professionals offering quality early care and education provide support to:

Children: High quality learning environments in domains of children’s learning, health and development
Families: Positive parenting skills, goal-setting, family services, and employment supports
Communities: Current (staff and parents) and future (children) workforce stability
Early Educators: Skilled teachers and providers across multiple educational settings

Both the Lab School and the Learning Hub will influence early care and education and help to create a stronger workforce to support Maine’s children.

Workforce Development

Educare Central Maine invests in ongoing training and development programs to help employees as well as client and community educators enhance their skills and advance in their careers.

The Educare Central Maine Lab School & Learning Hub has created partnerships and programs offering individuals alternative pathways to build the early childhood workforce.  For more information, contact Erica Palmer,, (207) 680-7215.