Intensive Family Engagement in Practice

In Intensive Family Engagement in Practice, participants will explore the essential components of intensive family engagement more deeply and learn how systems and program-level strategies impact program and family outcomes. Participants will examine and practice critical skills such as active listening, perspective-taking and reflective practice. They will learn approaches to building family partnerships to help create strong home-school connections and build parents’ capacity as leaders in their family, school and community. The training also provides experiences and tools for programs to examine and enhance their current family engagement practices. 

Who should attend?

  • Executive directors
  • Family support staff
  • Family support supervisors
  • Local evaluation partners (LEPs)
  • Master teachers, coaches, curriculum and instruction managers, education coordinators
  • National evaluation partners (NEPs)
  • Program administrators
  • Program area managers
  • School directors
  • Teaching staff
  • All other Educare staff

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