Facility Rental

Educare has suspended facility rentals during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Educare Central Maine educates parents and early care professionals on how to become agents of change and improve early childhood education at home and in the classroom.  To that end, the Educare Central Maine facility will provide space for training opportunities for parents, staff, owners, and operators of early care and education programs, and business leaders to increase their knowledge of early care and education and/or professional qualifications.  By doing so, Educare Central Maine helps improve the quality of service and programs available to children throughout the State of Maine.

The Educare Central Maine Board is aware of a dual responsibility for making the Educare Central Maine facility available for community activities beyond training activities for parents, staff, providers, and caregivers, and at the same time protecting the Educare Central Maine investment in its facility. Therefore, use of the Educare Central Maine facility will be guided by the following considerations when asked to use the Educare Central Maine facility for non-early care and education functions, or when additional staff time or expenses are incurred by Educare Central Maine.

Top priority will be accorded to Educare Central Maine and its affiliated organizations and, when available, the use of the Educare Central Maine facility by outside organizations will be accommodated. Under no circumstances will Educare Central Maine funds be made available to underwrite expenses incurred as a result of the use of facilities for non-Educare Central Maine activities.  To do so would deprive the educational program of funds and put the Board in a position of subsidizing non-Educare Central Maine related activities.  Therefore, a fee sufficient to cover costs may be assessed for the use of the Educare Central Maine facility.  Donations are welcomed and very much appreciated.

Groups sponsoring activities that require the services of a custodian, catering, or other special services will be required to cover the cost of such services as outlined in the documents below.

Printable Forms

To check room availability, please email Deanna Blodgett at deannab@kvcap.org with your requested dates, short description of event/meeting, and number of anticipated attendees.

Once the meeting date/time have been confirmed, a Meeting Space Request/Reservation form must be completed, and the Facility Use Policy signed by an authorized representative of the organization requesting space.  It is the responsibility of the requesting organization to inform all participants of the rules and regulations.  The forms can be emailed or mailed to the following:

Deanna Blodgett, Educare Receptionist
Educare Central Maine
56 Drummond Avenue
Waterville, Maine 04901