Educare Learning Network

Educare Learning Network

The Educare Learning Network was created by the Ounce of Prevention Fund and the Buffett Early Childhood Fund in 2003. The Network has since grown to include Educare schools, Head Start providers, school districts, philanthropists, researchers, policymakers and other like-minded early childhood champions. We build strong public-private partnerships across the country to create strong schools and longtime champions who will amplify our call for change. Together, we can accomplish our shared goal of helping our most vulnerable children enter kindergarten ready to learn.

Continually Learning

The Educare team, a national staff housed at the Ounce and the Buffett Early Childhood Fund, delivers technical assistance and training to leaders at each Educare school to support the implementation of Educare’s core features. The Network regularly brings school staff together to share successful strategies and learn from each other as well as from top professionals in the early childhood field.

Sharing Expertise

We share our expertise with educators, researchers and policymakers so they can strengthen their own communities. As part of the federal Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships grants awarded in 2014, 11 Educare organizations are working with 117 child-care providers to improve the quality of services they offer to nearly 2,200 low-income infants, toddlers and their families.

The Educare Model

The Educare model is based on research from early childhood development, education, social work and other allied fields. Four core features compose the Educare model: data utilization, embedded professional development, high-quality teaching practices and intensive family engagement.

Strong leadership at Educare schools supports the implementation of the model and develops the culture for high-quality early childhood education and family support services. We also connect with community-based programs that help children and families access additional resources, such as health and mental health services.

Our four core features work together in a comprehensive and intentional way to achieve a high-quality early childhood program that helps children from birth to age 5 grow up safe,

healthy and eager to learn. Educare prepares children for success in school and life, and helps parents develop the skills they need to champion their child’s education.

Several years of rigorous evaluation shows that when children leave Educare for elementary school, the majority are academically, socially and emotionally prepared for kindergarten.

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