Educare Central Maine Celebrates 10th Birthday!

Birthday balloons in front of Educare
Happy 10th Birthday Educare Central Maine!

Educare Central Maine has kicked off its 10th Birthday, celebrating with current parents and children on a beautiful late summer day.

Educare Central Maine cookies
At the 10th Birthday Kickoff, each child received a special treat!
“We really wanted to have a big Birthday kickoff,” said Erin Merrill, Development Director, “but, with the pandemic, we needed to ensure everyone’s safety. We asked current parents and children to celebrate with us by sharing Birthday wishes and how Educare has impacted their lives so far.”

More than 1,000 children and families have passed through the doors of Educare Central Maine since the school opened on September 6, 2010. Educare’s Executive Director, Tracye Fortin, shares, “The influence of Educare on not only children and families, but on staff, community partners and state and national stakeholders has a profound impact on early care and education systems. We continue to evolve, even as we overcome challenges, such as a pandemic!”

Child writing on heart
An Educare kiddo writes a note for our Anniversary Board.

Over the next 12 months, Educare Central Maine will be featuring stories on their website from families and children who have attended.  “We are honored to have many keep in touch with us, and we are humbled by the stories of how our past Educare children are thriving – wherever they are now. We are hearing that they have moved on to become leaders within their schools, positively involved in our communities, and making their families proud in a multitude of ways,” said Rhonda Kaiser, Educare School Director. The first story is set to be released on September 28, 2020.

Box for returning quotes
Families were asked to let us know how Educare has impacted their lives.

Quotes from families:

“I have endless appreciation for this great and much needed school. The endless amounts of love and support they have in place, the extra food for my family on my broke weeks, the non judgemental staff and caring eyes on the weeks that I can’t pay my parent fee… The speech services my son needs and wouldnt get any other way…the social work that keeps me informed on financial programs that are local to me, just when I thought I was going to choose between groceries and my light bill… all I can say is Thank you!”

“Educare has made me a better mom.”

“My son is more than ready for kindergarten thanks to Educare!”

“Educare has helped me go back to school.”