The Damron Family

Damron family beforeWe were so grateful when our family was introduced to Educare central Maine in July of 2010.

We began meeting with teachers and completing paperwork to sign three out of our five kiddos into what we soon learned was going to be the best fit program for us as a family. Our experience with the quality teachers of Educare was nothing short of encouraging and motivational as it set the solid foundation that would aid in the growth and development of our children as they transitioned into the public school system.

Educare assisted with helping our children develop prosocial communication skills such as good manners, working and communicating well with others, and demonstrating care and concern for others. Play at Educare was more than just a means to expend energy throughout the day. Play meant learning and learning meant growing. Two of our children started 6 weeks after birth. One of our children was able to attend for a year before she began her journey through the public school system.

Damron family nowOur children that attended Educare, now ages 7, 10 and 15, have since been engaged in activities such as dance, music, singing, theater, various sports and their local church and youth groups. They all enjoy spending time with friends and family and never cease to make us proud with how caring, loving and prosocial they are with the people that they spend their time with. Our two youngest, Jayce and Ellie, still recall happy memories of  visiting each other by looking through the glass between classrooms after Ellie transitioned into a classroom for higher age kiddos.

We as a family always speak so highly of Educare and all of the teachers and support staff to our friends, family and people that we meet that are looking for early childhood intervention. Even though our children have since transitioned out of the Educare system, we feel like we never truly left because our hearts and thoughts are always and forever will be with our Educare family.

~Jesse and Becca Damron