Covid 19 General Practices and Procedures

Educare Central Maine began a gradual reopening of our school on May 26th and things look a little different from when we left in March!

We made changes to every part of our typical school day including how children are dropped off and picked up, strategies on keeping children as physically distanced as possible, and a more rigorous cleaning and sanitizing process. We remain dedicated to the highest quality standards for early childhood development with a focus on safe and reliable early care and education.

Watch the video at right to see a day at Educare!

Please note that some procedures have changed:

  • Parents/caretakers will be allowed to walk their children to their classroom’s outside door.  They will be screened and a face covering is required.
  • Children are no longer required to remove their shoes before entering their classrooms.
  • Teachers are now required to wear masks at all times per Maine Licensing’s updated guidance for Maine Child Care Providers.  Educare has adapted the use of clear face shields so children can still see their teachers’ smiling faces.