Amiley’s Story


Amiley attended Educare from 2013-2015 when she was ages 3-5. Amiley is now about to turn 10 and will be starting 4th grade.  She loves to swim and is on the MidMaine Dolphins swim team. She also loves science and reading.

I personally remember how amazingly supportive, knowledgeable and helpful her teachers were when it came to Amiley’s ability to process and express her emotions safely. They were open and flexible to new ideas, and showed so much patience and consistency with Amiley’s behavior. That has played a huge part in who she is today and how I parent.

I feel like I am better able to advocate for my daughter when she has needs that go above and beyond the “standard”. I owe thanks to Miss Tina and her other head teacher for showing me what that looks like, and always following through

~Ali (mom)