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Educare Central Maine
Use of Facility Policy

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Educare Central Maine (ECM) educates parents and early care professionals on how to become agents of change and improve early childhood education at home and in the classroom.  To that end, the ECM facility will provide space for training opportunities for parents, staff, owners and operators of early care and education progrmas, and business leaders to increase their knowledge of early care and education and/or professional qualifications.  By doing so, ECM helps improve the quality of service and programs available to children throughout the State of Maine.

The Educare Central Maine Board is aware of a dual responsibility for making the ECM facility available for community activities beyond training activities for parents, staff, providers and caregivers, and at the same time protecting the ECM investment in its facility.  Therefore, use of the ECM facility will be guided by the following considerations when asked to make the ECM facility for non-early care and education functions, or when additional staff time or expenses are incured by ECM.

Under no circumstances will ECM funds be made available to underwrite expenses incurred as a result of the use of facilities for non-ECM activities.  To do so would deprive the educational program of funds and put the Board in a position of subsidizing non-ECM related activities.  Therefore, a fee sufficient to cover costs may be assessed for the use of the ECM Facility.  Donations are welcomed and very much appreciated.

Prioritization of Facility Use

Top priority will be accorded to ECM and its affiliated organizations and, when available, the use of the ECM facility by outside organizations will be accommodated if possible.  ECM related organizations and activities shall have preference for the use of any part of the building, providing the requested area has not been previously reserved.  ECM reserves the right to decide who/what groups may use the facility. 

All organizations utilizing the facility agree, by signing this policy, to adhere to the following rules and regulations:

  1. A Meeting Space Request/Reservation form must be completed, and the Facility Use Policy signed   by an authorized representative of the organization requesting space.  It is the responsibility of the requesting organization to inform all participants of the rules and regulations.  Facility Use Policy can be emailed or mailed to one of the following staff once the meeting date/time have been confirmed:

         Jennifer Pare, Executive Assistant      Deanna Blodgett, Educare Receptionist
         KVCAP C&FS                                           Educare Central Maine
         97 Water Street                                        56 Drummond Avenue
         Waterville, ME  04901                            Waterville, ME  04901
         jenniferp@kvcap.org                              deannab@kvcap.org

2. Smoking and firearms are prohibited anywhere on the campus.
3. No alcoholic liquors or beverages shall be brought onto or consumed on ECM premises.
4. Use of outside equipment not permitted when using network components (i.e. overhead
    projector).  Bring all electronic presentation material on a flash drive.
5. Only authorized persons are to be in the ECM facility or in any structures located on the
    grounds.  During the time when the facility is open to the public, only designated areas
    will be open.  Other areas will be closed and any unauthorized person in these areas is
    trespassing and will be treated accordingly. 
6. Playground use is prohibited in this agreement, unless permission is specifically granted
    and a KVCAP/ECM staff person is on the playground at all times.
7. All organizations using the ECM facility must strictly adhere to all prevailing fire and
    safety regulations.
8. Wall or ceiling decorations, confetti, glitter and like items may not be placed on or around
    ECM.  Flip chart post-it paper and non-abrasive painters tape can be used on walls.
9. Nothing shall be sold, exhibited or displayed with permission.
10. Preservation of order must be adhered to at all times.  Police protection may be required
      at the sole discretion of ECM.  This shall be at the expense of the applicant.
11. All electrical or sound equipment, facilities and arrangements for use of same shall be in
      charge and control of ECM.
12. The applicant shall restore/repair any loss of damage occurring during use of the
      building and its facilities to the satisfaction of ECM.
13. The right to revoke/deny temporary or permanent facility use is reserved by ECM. 
14. Wages paid to KVCAP/ECM employees for services involving the use of the ECM facility
      will only be processed through the appropriate payroll.
15. Permission must be requested prior to taking any images of children.

Training Room Set-up and Clean-up: Training Room preparation is limited to one hour before the start of the scheduled event.  Clean-up must occur immediately after. In the event ECM is required to clean-up, a fee may be charged.  All equipment, furniture, and tables must be left clean and in their prior condition following the activity. Should your meeting room require re-arranging during the meeting, please seek a maintenance person for assistance.  Any decorations, supplies, equipment, signs, handouts, or other amenities brought by the user must be removed at conclusion of the program.  Set-up, program time, and clean-up must take place within the scheduled times. 

Evening or Weekend Hours:  Any request for evening or weekend events, or requests that are not within ECM’s operating hours, shall be directed to the Executive Assistant of the Director of Child & Family Services for approval.  Events may not begin prior to 6:30 a.m. and must cease by 9:30 p.m.  Should such use be granted, there must be a KVCAP/ECM person designated to be in charge and present at the event.  Such person shall be named and recorded in advance on the Meeting Space Request/Reservation form.  If the KVCAP/ECM staff person is not a participant in the event, the organization requesting the reservation will be responsible for reimbursement for staff time.

Parking: During ECM’s operating hours (Monday through Friday 6:00 am to 6:30 pm) parking in designated drop off and pick up areas is prohibited in the front of the building. 

Certificate of Insurance:  A certificate of insurance naming ECM as additional insured for any profit-making organization that intends to rent any part of the ECM facility is required.  Also, non-profit organizations may be required to have a certificate of insurance that is attached to its completed facility use application. 

Indemnification and Hold Harmless.  Requesting organization agrees to indemnify and hold Educare Central Maine and its employees harmless from any loss or liability which may result from claims of injury to persons or property from any cause arising out of or during the use and occupancy of the Facility by the requesting organization or its participants.

Fees/Donations:  Room use for meetings often has hidden costs such as setup/take down, normal wear and tear, maintenance and cleanup costs.  Donations are welcomed and very much appreciated.  Additional time for set up may require a small fee, according to the guidance on the Fee Agreement.

ECM aims to demonstrate the delivery of quality early care and education practices to the community and beyond.  Therefore, non-educational institutions that hold early care and education focused meetings or provide sporadic trainings for area early care and education professionals and caregivers are considered affiliated/related organizations.  There will be no charge to these organizations unless specific meeting room setups are required, and/or other expenses are incurred to accommodate meetings.

Fees, when assessed, will be based on the schedules of rental rates onthe Fee Agreement.  Requests for any waiver of fee shall be directed to KVCAP’s Director of Child & Family Services.  When an organization charges a fee for an event, a facility use fee will be charged.  Payment for use of the facilities is expected prior to the time of scheduled use.  Refunds of facilities-use fees will not be made but may be applied toward future use.

Groups sponsoring activities that require the services of a custodian, catering, or other special services, will be required to cover the cost of such services as outlined on attached documents.

Printable Forms

Facility Use Policy
Fee Agreement
Meeting Space Request/Reservation Form
Meeting Room Set Up Description Guide